Based in Leichhardt Sydney,  Schollum City offers a range of professional studio recording, mixing and song writing services, for all types of music or artist. Comfortable and great sounding rooms, great gear and an open mind, has been Glen Schollum's ongoing philosophy towards making  music. Located close to CBD of Sydney, Schollum City Records is part of Love Hz Studios.



Whether it's an EP, album, single, or even a quick demo, Schollum city has a creative and inspiring atmosphere. With excellent equipment and a wide range of instruments, the possibilities are endless.

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Mixing in a great room, with excellent monitoring and an experienced engineer, can take you project to the next level. Working in both Pro Tools and Logic, we are both versitile and flexible.

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As a musician, producer and composer with credits in multiple genres and music styles, Glen Schollum is able to help you develop your music, creative approaches, unique sound and individuality.

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Ulterior was a Lismore based band from the early 90’s, who had a very unique style and explosive live shows. The band toured extensively and shared the stage with acts such as T...
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Javier Luis
Javier Luis is a great vocalist, who has been performing in Australia and the UK for the best part of 20 years. Last year he took the plunge and decided to make “that” album. Wi...
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11/99 Moore Street, Leichhardt, Sydney 2040

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